POSTED BY: Jane Marsching | Wed Jun 29th, 2005 11:13 a.m.

Boston exhibition of new media art

Holly Coulis, Sheila Gallagher, Ken Linehan, Jane D. Marsching + Deb Todd Wheeler, Anne Walsh

Friday, June 17 - Saturday, July 30, 2005
Reception: Thursday, July 28, 6-8pm
Artist talk with clairvoyant: Thursday, July 28, 5-6pm

Fort Point Arts Community Gallery
300 Summer Street
Boston MA 02210

Open: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 12-5pm

Sance, a group show of four artists and one collaborative team, will present works that
explore the rich terrain between art, technology, and the paranormal. From the use of photography, ostensibly to document the dead in spirit photographs, through the invention of the telegraph, radio and the introduction of television and computers - new media has consistently been associated with paranormal or spiritual phenomena. The works in this show use new media and traditional media (painting drawing) to look at contemporary phenomena: apparitions of the Virgin Mary, psychics trying to communicate with dead artists, web psychic conversations, ghost voices, etc. Exploring
questions about the nature of belief, doubt, science, and history, this exhibition will be create a phantasmagorical multimedia zone, filling all the senses with images, sounds, experiences that are haunting and otherworldly.

Jane D. Marsching and Deb Todd Wheelers Emmissions from the Ordinary, 2005, explores the nature of perception through fracturing and mirroring one video projection into a hallucinatory field of video fragments. The video images are slow wandering closeup looks at various phenomena: from an apparition of the Virgin Mary in a chemical stain to the original Rohrschach ink blot tests to dirt on a floor. In Instructions for Seeing, 2005, two 5 x 7 LCD screens show a silent film demonstration of various scientific experiments with light, lenses, and photography which are repeatedly interrupted with mysterious events of questionable origin.


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