Call for Entries // Transitio_mx 2005, International Video and Electronic Arts Festival // MEXICO

POSTED BY: Lilia Perez Romero | Fri Aug 5th, 2005 6:10 p.m.

Transitio_mx 2005 International Video and Electronic Arts Festival is a place for the expression of contemporary artistic creative practices through electronic media. The main focus of this festival is showing the current production and research in the field, in function of the constant mobility of its epistemological, technological, cultural, aesthetic and social boundaries.
These dissolutions invite us to explore the nature, scopes and conflicts between, art, technology, sciences and humanities making the Festival a permanent site for the expression and reflection of the above mentioned relationships.

This first edition of the Festival has chosen the “Imaginaries in transit: poetics and technology” as its main theme. The thematic proposes to go deep into the paradigm that provides of contents and expands technology right from the poetics or sign’s site, rather that emphasizing the research concerning technological support itself. “Imaginaries in transit: poetics
and technology” seeks to explore the aesthetic and cultural re-signification modes that accompany electronic art production and research, inviting the participants of the contest to reflect about production within this context.

Transitio_mx will count with the presence of well known personalities such as Marina Grzinik, Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Arlindo Machado, Jorge Laferla, Priamo Lozada, Jose Luis Barrios, among others. The jury for the First Video and Electronic Arts Contest will also be made up of important artists and theoretitians in the electronic arts field. Three prizes will be awarded: first prize consisting in N$120,000.00, second prize consisting in N$90,000.00 and third prize of N$75,000.00. The previous amounts are in Mexican pesos.

The National Culture and Arts Council, through the Center for Multimedia of the National Center for the Arts, invites all artists of this field to participate in the First Video and Electronic Arts Contest that will take place within the framework of this
Festival from December 6 to 11, 2005.

The deadline for the contest is September 30, 2005. For information on the required documents, and in order to complete the entry form visit:
or write an email to:Ana Villa (