Project Launch:


POSTED BY: Michelle Herman | Sun Nov 25th, 2007 1:19 p.m.

Please take a minute of your day to go to my site and fill out my survey. Everyone who fills it out will become art!

The survey I have created is based on the extensive questionaires asked by dating sites, such as and, in order to create an accurate "personality profile" for each participant in the project.

All the information submitted through the site will be compiled into a narrative literary work. This work will take the form of either a play, multiple narrative poems, or a combination. Within this work, all participants will be transformed into characters whose traits and story are based off the information given in the survey.

While the literature will be based off the information submitted, I will not use any last names, as to protect your identity, etc.

To see or hear the final result, come back to on December 12th!

PS, If you are having trouble accessing the survey...(many PC users have reported problems), please copy and paste this link and go directly to the survey.