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Kisses and break-ups

POSTED BY: Tim Devin | Mon Sep 29th, 2008 1:56 p.m.

Call for participants: “Kisses and break-ups”

“Kisses and break-ups” is documenting the world’s kisses and break-ups, in order to better understand them.

More specifically, we've been collecting:
(1) information about the first time participants kissed any one of the people they have kissed; and
(2) information on participants' break-ups.

The final product will include maps and charts; an interactive website; and free walking tours.

Would you like to help by sharing information on your kisses and break-ups? We hope so!

To view the maps that we’ve created from the data we’ve received so far, click here:
To learn more about participating, email Tim at , or click here:


Tim Devin