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sharedscapes - web3D - points of view on landscapes

POSTED BY: grégoire zabé | Tue Sep 30th, 2008 12:17 p.m.

new web3d art project ! participations welcome


sharedscapes - points de vue sur les paysages / points of view on landscapes

SHAREDSCAPES is an experimental shared space, a platform for creatvity, research and self-expression. It welcomes online submissions of texts, pictures and sounds, which will express your definitions of the concept of landscape.
The primary aim of SHAREDSCAPES is to provide a discussion forum for points of view inspired by the concept of landscape. Through the medium of the technological translation of material published online, its secondary aim is to create a 3D space or sculpture in real time. This will crystalise that material, seeking to bring together computer-generated images, chaotic/generative modelling and a “virtual reality” space. Little by little, a virtual landscape will develop. Its composition will not be subject to the physical constraints of a site (in concrete geographical terms) but to the technological exchanges of human beings virtually connected to each other. It is in the ambiguous relationship between landscape and technology that the essence of this project exists.

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