Work Song Workshop

POSTED BY: Hyo Myoung Kim | Sun Aug 9th, 2009 7:32 a.m.

We will make artwork from your work song!

Call for participants
'Work song' workshop @ Gallery Primo Alonso

What is work song for you?
Ancient people had created work songs to get them through labour which was often imposed. Nowadays work song could refer to the music one listens to while at work. Whatever your interpretation, we would like to hear it from you.

The artists in residency, Taryn Takahashi and Hyo Myoung Kim, at Gallery Primo Alonso are interested in the historically spontaneous emergence of work songs. Our project incorporates this nature of work song to create works based on your work song during the residency period in August 2009.

Let us know what your work is and what you sing (or perform in any other way: hum, whistle, tap, etc) or listen to while working, we will share the resulting works along with the information of the origin of the works in the commencing exhibition and the online space constructed for the project.

In August, you can visit us at Gallery Primo Alonso during the weekends from 12pm-5pm or weekdays by appointment. You can perform your interpretation of work song live, to be recorded if you wish. You can also send a recording via email or share the link where we can have access to it. We will receive input for the whole period of August.

Please send us the following information via email to be included in the project:

1. Name (real, pseudonym, or remain anonymous):

2. What is your work?

3. What song do you sing when you work or what song or music do you listen to when you work (referred to as "work song")?

4. How does your work song affect you and your work?

For more information and sending your entry please contact us at: