Project Launch:

Sea of Tweets

POSTED BY: Mark Skwarek | Sun Mar 20th, 2011 8:52 p.m.

The artists have placed the tweets in front of Mt. Fuji, as the
symbol of Japan’s strength and perseverance. This is meant as a message to all of Japan.

The tweets will also be placed around the coast line
of Japan focusing on areas affected by the tsunami.

The Sea of Tweets will allow viewers to tweet wishes to those
affected in Japan in the wake of the terrible earthquake and tsunami of
March 2011. Participants tweets from around the globe will be
transformed into paper cranes.
Tweets will also be placed around the northeast coast line of Japan
focusing on areas affected by the tsunami, but viewers might not be
able to see them there for a while until the infrastructure is
restored. In the meantime paper cranes will also be placed in other
parts of Japan where people can see them without problems.
The rest of the world will be given the telepresence experience and
can see Japan’s northeastern Pacific coast. The sea will be filled
with participants’ tweets in the form of cranes – the first crane
tweets are already in place. Once conditions return to normal in the
areas affected by the disaster, viewers will also be able to see the
cranes on-site, riding on the waves of the Pacific coast.
Anyone with a Twitter Account can
participate by adding the phrase #seaoftweets to their
tweet. The tweets will be transformed in to paper cranes and placed at different locations around Japan’s coast.
Contributing Artists
Mark Skwarek

John Craig Freeman