LA Re.Play: An Exhibition of Mobile Media ARt

POSTED BY: leila christine nadir | Wed Feb 15th, 2012 1:51 p.m.
LOCATION: UCLA DESMA Art Gallery and throughout Los Angeles

Mobilizing Los Angeles as a place to play and a place in play, LA Re.Play presents leading international artists working with mobile and geolocated media. The exhibit accompanies the double session presentation on Mobile Art: The Aesthetics of Mobile Network Culture in Placemaking, co-organized by Hana Iverson and Mimi Sheller for the College Arts Association 2012 conference, as well as an off-conference roundtable City/Space and Creative Measure, moderated by Jeremy Hight at the Art Center. Playing upon the dynamic relations between physical place, digital space, and mobile access via smartphone, we explore art that incorporates cell phones, GPS and other mobile technology, revealing the complex social, political, technological and physiological effects of new mixed reality interactions.Curated by Hana Iverson, Mimi Sheller, and Jeremy Hight.

Artists include Electronic Disturbance Theater/b.a.n.g. Lab, Chris Robbins & Katherine Lambert, Colleen Macklin, Ecoarttech (Leila Nadir & Cary Peppermint), Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum, Hana Iverson & Sarah Drury, Ian Woodcock & Julian Rickert, Jenny Marketou, Jeremy Hight, ManifestAR, Martha Ladly & Bruce Hinds, Paula Levine, Teri Rueb