Link Editions releases After Brad Troemel, by Chris Coy

POSTED BY: Domenico Quaranta | Wed May 15th, 2013 10:30 a.m.

Chris Coy, After Brad Troemel, Link Editions, Brescia 2013. Soft cover, 288 pp, English, € 15.00, ISBN 9781291404098.

Link Editions is proud to announce the release of "After Brad Troemel", by US based artist Chris Coy. The book is the first of a selection made out of an open call for proposals, by a jury including Andreas Broeckmann, Ben Fino-Radin and Domenico Quaranta, to be released in our series "In My Computer" along 2013.

"After Brad Troemel" (ABT) is an artist book conceived for the JstChillin exhibition "Read/Write" at 319 Scholes in Brooklyn in 2011. The book - originally published in a limited edition of 20 - took as its conceptual core the characterization of artist Brad Troemel as a genius and a mastermind analyzed through the lens of conspiracy theory and amateur internet sleuthing. According to artist and writer Artie Vierkant, who wrote the introduction to this edition, ABT is not "about Brad Troemel, nor any of the myriad names or identities that are mentioned in its pages. ABT is about the construction of identity in a mediated public space - largely concerned with social interactions on the Internet, but most prominently through textual and visual communication. If it could be said to be about Brad Troemel, or even about Chris Coy himself, then these two are taken as case studies of two very divergent methods of approaching mediated identity."

The book, which disappeared from circulation soon after its first release, is now made available by Link Editions as a print-on-demand paperback through, and as a freely downloadable PDF available on, and on Link Editions' website.

Chris Coy ( is an artist and filmmaker currently living and working in Las Vegas. He has shown work at the New Museum in New York, the Sundance Film Festival, the Netherlands Media Art Institute and numerous international art festivals and group exhibitions.

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