"Biomer Skelters" @ FACT & World Museum, Liverpool

POSTED BY: Tamiko Thiel | Thu Aug 29th, 2013 7:37 a.m.
LOCATION: World Museum Liverpool

Biomer Skelters participatory public artwork
By Tamiko Thiel and Will Pappenheimer, 2013

Exhibition @ FACT - until September 15, 2013
In the Manifest.AR exhibit "Invisible ARtaffects"
"Turning FACT Inside Out" 10th anniversary exhibit

Special events @ World Museum - 31 Aug. and 7 Sept.
Participatory public art events
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Biomer Skelters is a crowd sourced, wild growth forest-to-rainforest propagator that connects interior biorhythms to exterior ecosystems. It draws its inspiration from the botanical history of Liverpool, vibrant local garden and forest conservation efforts and questions about looming global climate change.

FACT visitors, outfitted with the Biomer Skelters mobile heart rate monitor system, sync their pulse to the Liverpool streets to generate augmented reality (AR) vegetation in their wake. What will they choose: to spread native Merseyside reforestation, or to be invasive propagators of exotic species representing accelerated global warming biome change? As participants in a collective public artwork, they determine the canvas of the city and alter the (virtual) composition of the cityscape.



31 August, 1:30pm: Biomer Skelters Botany+Biosensing Tours at World Museum

This is an informal informative event, in which participants can learn more about the World Museum Liverpool's Botanical Collection during the Herbarium tour, and the body in Professor Fairclough's biosensing talk. Participants then can don the Biomer Skelters system and walk the streets of Liverpool to propagate Biomer Skelters vegetation.

  • 1:30pm - Herbarium tour with curator Donna Young - source of Biomer Skelter exotics!
  • 2-2:30pm - Biosensor talk at the World Museum by Stephen Fairclough, Liverpool John Moores University
  • 2:30pm on - Participatory Biomer Skelters planting tours departing and returning to the World Museum

7 September, 1:30pm: Competitive Biomer Skelters Game at World Museum

Which team can propagate more virtual vegetation - Indigenators planting Merseyside natives, or Exoticators planting exotics as harbringers of global climate change? "Relax to win" and test your biofeedback ability in this race to spread helter-skelter vegetation in Liverpool!


Biomer Skelters is a FACT Liverpool commission in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University and the World Museum Liverpool.


World Museum Liverpool
William Brown St
Liverpool, Merseyside L3 8EN
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland