The Android of Genco Gülan at Antalya Museum

POSTED BY: Genco Gulan | Sat Mar 8th, 2014 1:21 p.m.
LOCATION: Antalya Archeology Museum

New technologies will be archeology soon...

“The Android Statue” of Genco Gülan will be exhibited in Antalya Archeology Museum in March for the first time. In the exhibition, also the sketches of his kinetic marble statue series, called “Robotic Statues” will be presented.

Genco Gülan gives references to archeology; even he produces new media artworks. Between the dates 12-20 March 2014, his artworks will be exhibited in Antalya Archeology Museum for the first time. His art try to predict the future of both sculpture as a discipline and humanity in general.

Conceptual artist Genco Gülan has been working on robots in the labs of different universities since the middle of 1990’s. He uses hardware and software of robots in many art projects. For example The artwork titled Robots, Football and War (RFW) of Gülan that consists physical robots, was part of a computer game “Balkan Wars” that won a prize from European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück in 1995. His play written by artificial intelligence (AI) robots was used in the project YEN! (New), presented in Pera Museum, for 16th Istanbul Theatre Festival.

The artist will give a conference called “Idea Art” at Akdeniz University Fine Arts Faculty on 13th March, 14:30 in conjunction with his solo show.


Antalya Archeology Museum
Konya alti Cad. No:88
Antalya, Akdeniz 07050