Swimming Rocks by Genco Gülan

POSTED BY: Genco Gulan | Thu Jun 26th, 2014 4:43 p.m.
LOCATION: Gallery Metazori

Contemporary artist Genco Gulan will show his new works at Gallery Metazori and Cesme Marina, both on the West coast of Turkey.

Genco Gülan’s new solo show; Swimming Rocks will be on exhibit at the Art Gallery of Kırmızı Ardıç Kuşu, Gallery Metazori in Çeşme, Alaçatı where he spent most of his childhood.

Swimming Rocks is not only the name of the exhibition, but also one of the significant artworks in the exhibition. Swimming stones, pumice, are a type of rocks that can float on the sea and be found in Aegean Sea, especially in Çeşme and Alaçatı inspired the artist in this process.

Gülan made a sculpture, named Swimming Rocks from these and other stones; therefore this and some other sculptural pieces will float on the sea and in the gallery. He made floating figurative, human-sized sculptures covered with stone.

Genco Gülan has also a series called as “New Landscape” in this exhibition. This series is a conceptual/electronic interpretation of landscapes as barcodes. These artworks let us ask ourselves many questions: How do the landscape pictures change in time? How different are our landscapes now? How will be landscapes in the future? Gülan juxtaposed classical landscape paintings, bacodes and produced new pieces.

Also, another surprise about this exhibition is that the artworks of the mother of Genco Gülan, Tezer Gülan and his grandmother, Saime İzmiroğlu will be also exhibited.

Last but not the least, Gülan is exhibiting a new series; Digital Ghost. The artist painted on large canvases; the non-existing images that appeared in his formatted laptop.

Gallery Metazori (Kırmızı Ardıç Kuşu)
Address: Yeni Mecidiye Mahallesi 3048 sokak No: 5 Alaçatı
Opening: 27 Haziran 2014 , 19:00

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Gallery Metazori
3048 Street No:5
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