'All-Inclusive' solo show by Genco Gülan @ Gallery Foyart

POSTED BY: Genco Gulan | Tue Nov 11th, 2014 3:01 a.m.
LOCATION: Gallery Foyart

“All-inclusive” is the title chosen by Genco Gülan for his new solo show which is composed of different disciplines; paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and new media. Rather than a conceptual umbrella for the show, the title represents the artist’s method of creation. “All-inclusive” describes a psychological safe haven; a way of thinking. Gülan describes his method as follows:

Whenever I start to work on an art piece, I hurry up as if I have very limited time. Everything around me may turn into muse cake. I rush into ideas as if I am in front of an open-buffet rushing with many people. I want to taste everything. After a careful research process even the simplest things may turn into something. Garbage may turn into a treasure for me. Then the junk yard becomes an open-buffet and then a feast.

As a contemporary artist, Gülan stands out amongst his contemporaries with his wide range of ideas as well as variety of material. He uses different techniques and materials. Gülan takes both east and west as reference points as well as past and present.

Istanbul based artist Genco Gulan was selected as a finalist for the Sovereign Art Foundation’s European Art Prize in 2011. In 2015 he is given Masters award by Aegean Art of Ege Universit. Genco Gulan works and teaches at Mimar Sinan Academy and Bogazici University.

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Müzeyyen Caglar Gurel
Gallery Foyart, Cinnah Street, 66/ 2 Cankaya, Ankara.


Gallery Foyart
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