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POSTED BY: The Unstitute | Fri Oct 16th, 2015 8:19 a.m.

"The Unstitute is the frontal attack in a Phyrric victory."

This month at The Unstitute...



Grant Petrey / Mark Tholander / Adrian Randall

This month, we bring three great shorts: 'Filament', '####' and 'The Bourgeois Agony of Travel'; tied by a strong use of edit and form, evincing rare ambiances and impressions, we trust you will find the selection to be intuitive, subtle and demanding...

With over 2,000 online visitors every month, The Projection Room at The Unstitute offers a virtual environment for creative experiments and self-empowerment over archaic creative institutions. See who has been selected this month, and find out more about their creative practice. Consider applying to the Participation programme at The Unstitute.

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an Evolving [an]Archive


Chris Chiu / Laura Jones / James Moore / Kayle Karbowski / Corrado Morgana / Wanbli Gamache / Nicolas Colemonts

The 11th edition of [dis]Corporate Bodies presents works by artists experimenting with virtual and real environments, constructing architecture of hybrid spaces and reality simulation. The Unstitute invites you to explore these complex simulacral virtual planes and welcomes you on an anarchic tour around active environments that selected artists present in this edition of the project.

Enter [dis]Corporate Bodies:



by The Unstitute


What exactly is being broadcast over the airwaves in deepest, darkest Bermondsey? One might expect to hear some cry for help, some last desperate communication from an isolated band of survivors. But in reality, the voice on the air is not a voice, and the air is bad.

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Open Submissions
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The Unstitute invites submissions for these projects:

The Projection Room - monthly feature screenings @ The Unstitute

[dis]Corporate Bodies - an evolving environment @ The Unstitute

Vidiot - a place for watching and being watched @ The Unstitute

Spatio-Mnemonic - take up a virtual residency @ The Unstitute

We aim to process applications within two weeks of receipt.

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