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POSTED BY: harlan levey | Wed Sep 25th, 2002 1 a.m.

‘Welcome to Betaville!’ : open space open source open mind(s)

Betaville is organizing a hybrid workshop aimed at hosting any eager collaborators in Paris between the 18th and 28th of September.

Artists, musicians, graphic designers, programmers, developers (software and hardware), bricoleurs, amateurs and all interested eyes are invited to pass by Paris and participate in a session of collaborative creation.

A small white box, neither gallery nor studio, simply open space(s) – trace(s) - During the prep cook period unassuming visitors were unsure what to make of ‘Public’ (4, impasse beaubourg/Paris – near the center Pomipdou) where the gathering occurs. Expecting installations or perhaps hanging art, wide eyes and closed lips revealed a hint of; what the hell is happening here?

What indeed? Artists from no less than 7 countries squatting space and setting up wires all over the room: teaching, talking and typing furiously.

During the days to come the workshop will focus on artistic mis/uses of input devices/systems and participants will experiment with mics, cams, sensors, icube, atomic, kroonde as well as their own concoctions.

Input -> Process -> Output: on September 28th ‘Work in Progress’ will be shown in the shape of presentations/demos/performances.

This workshop is open to all participants. Bring your own tools!

For Info and Participants/Program/Public -

* focus: artistic mis/uses of input devices & systems
* inputs = mics, cams, sensors, icube, atomic, kroonde...
* keywords: ad-hoc collaborations, plug & play,
* bring your own tools, lo-tech, recycle...

invited artists include:
- Saul Albert (
- Slavica Ceperkovic (
- Alejo Duque (