Fwd: Interactive Arts program at Brooklyn College

POSTED BY: Mark Tribe | Fri May 23rd, 2003 10:53 a.m.

>Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 21:36:05 -0400
>From: "john j.a. jannone"
>The new program in Performance and Interactive Media Arts at Brooklyn
>College in New York City is now accepting applications for the Fall of
>2003. Interactive Arts is a three-semester graduate certificate program in
>collaborative, experimental, cross-disciplinary artistic production.
>The program is a cooperative project of six departments at Brooklyn
>College: Art, Computer and Information Science, Film, Television and
>Radio, Theater, and the Conservatory of Music. Interactive Arts students
>will have access to production resources within all six departments. A
>core group of 22 faculty and staff representing all six departments
>participate in the program.
>The curriculum consists of courses covering the technology, theory,
>creation, and production of multimedia and interactive artworks, with an
>emphasis on live performance.
>Exploration of the collaborative process within a community context,
>focusing on the intersection of the creative process and contemporary
>community and cultural issues, constitutes an important feature of the program.
>See the program website at for more
>Please to contact the program director, Professor John J.A. Jannone, with
>any questions or to set up a phone appointment to discuss the program: