Maya Animators Needed for Planetarium Artwork

POSTED BY: Scott Hessels | Sun Mar 6th, 2005 3:51 p.m.

As a project in the UCLA Design/Media Arts department, we are creating an experimental artwork that will use planetariums as a new form of media experience. We’re producing a ‘night sky’ program that, instead of showing stars and planets, will show the various strata of man-made technologies in the sky above us. At any moment, there are 9000 planes, 6000 satellites, thousands of weather technologies, helicopters, and more. We hope to find the patterns in the data and look for the new 'constellations'. For example, each of those planes above us is showing a movie, what does 9000 movies flying through space above us look like?

This is a crazy, unique opportunity but the pay is very limited. The science community has been great getting us the accurate data, now we need some adventurous animators to help us visualize it.