Become CULTURETV VJ (video journalist) of in your country!

POSTED BY: Marjan van Mourik | Mon Oct 10th, 2005 1:31 a.m. offers worldwide independent television about art, new media and culture on the internet in an interactive and dynamic way and is planning to grow to be a very important and world leading television station.

To achieve these goals, we want in every country of the world a responsible person who informs us on special art events, special artists, art video clips, … in his/her country . You are willing to help to make popular in your country and you inform us about specific ways to realize that.

What’s in it for you?
No, this is not paid and on a voluntary basis.
But you get much more than money. You will make part of a close network of art and culture lovers. You will get to know all kinds of people all around the world, conscious about the great importance of culture in our life world and the important role can play in making culture more popular.
You will appear as official CULTURETV VJ (video journalist) for your country on the website of and also in events to come.
You will know first (together with all other CULTURETV VJ's (video journalists)) what is moving in the art world around the globe.
We are planning to do small documentaries on art and culture in every country and you will play an important role in it.

Enthusiastic yet? Don’t wait and apply now. Send your CV and motivation to and how much hours you can spend to culturetv in a week. Perhaps tomorrow you are already our CULTURETV videojounalist in your country!