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Nomadic Screen/APP-Art Call for Works

POSTED BY: patrick lichty | Thu Jul 2nd, 2009 11:33 a.m.

Nomadic Screen/APP-Art
Curatted by Patrick Lichty
Site Address: (site forthcoming)

The development of handheld/mobile media and their use as multi-use platforms have taken sizeable leaps in the past decade. From the emergence of 80's Pen Computing, 90's PDA, and the explosion of smart phones in the 00's, personal devices have become multimedia platforms with great expressive and critical potential. Nomadic Screen.APP-Art showcases current trends in mobile app (stand -alone) and nomadic/locative technologies in smart phones.

The challenges of the gallery presented by media art are compounded by the ephemerality and diversity of New Media, and further complicated by the mobility of the handheld/nomadic device. With the questioning of the object, beginning with Duchamp’s 1918 Urinal, the dematerialization of art practice in the 1960’s, and further deobjectification in media art, what is the status of the media artwork in light of cell phone technology? These are formal, social, and critical issues are an ongoing conversation, and this exhibition will engage with these issues through an online/networked exhibition.

This exhibition is a further evolution of Lichty’s mobile curatorial projects, (re)distributions: …Nomadic Arts as Cultural Intervention (2003), and Mobile Exposure (2005, with Microcinema), and Valise in an IPod (2006).

Works must be applications, movies, etc that are specifically designed for/created with mobile phone technology in the last two years. Work must either be submitted as loadable app or suitable media file, or have instructions on how to acquire the app. All entries should have a roughly 250-word description of the piece, along with a two sentence artist bio and contact information and minimum 640x480 pixel image of the work.

The exhibition will be officially announced during the New Media Workshop at Eyebeam Atelier in NYC during the dates of July 14-16, 2009, and thew show exhibition will begin on September 21, 2009. Works are due on Sept 1, and will continue to be accepted until Feb.1, 2010. BE AWARE THAT WORKS NOT FALLING WITHIN THE INITIAL DEADLINE MAY NOT BE INCLUDED IN PRESS MATERIALS.

A Print-on-Demand poster and catalog will be available, the poster at the opening, and the catalogue in February 2010. Copies will be available to participants at production cost.

Patrick Lichty
Department of Interactive Arts & Media
Columbia College Chicago
916/1000 S. Wabash Ave #100
Chicago, IL 60605
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