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UCSB MFA Program Application

POSTED BY: Lisa Jevbratt | Tue Oct 20th, 2009 4:20 p.m.

University of California Santa Barbara
Department of Art MFA Program

Apply now for Fall 2010
Deadline: Monday, January 4, 2010

The MFA graduate program is an intense two-year course of study emphasizing
interdisciplinary approaches to art making. Students concentrate on studio
work in the areas of Digital Media and Electronics, Visualization, Internet Art,
Sculpture & New Forms, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Print & Book Arts
and Theory & Criticism. The program includes formal studio courses, graduate
seminars in theory and criticism, studio critique, and independent study.
The program focuses on the personal growth of students in their pursuit of
careers as dedicated, professional artists.

Faculty includes Phillip Argent, Laurel Beckman, Eric Beltz, Gary Brown,
Graham Budgett, Jane Callister, Kip Fulbeck, Colin Gardner, Dick Hebdige,
Lisa Jevbratt, George Legrady, Jane Mulfinger, Marcos Novak, Marko Peljhan,
Harry Reese, Richard Ross and Kim Yasuda.

Past visiting artists and lecturers include:
Charles Gaines, James Gobel, Ann Hamilton, Dave Hickey, Pearl C. Hsiung,
Ilya Kabakov, Dinh Q. Le, Daniel J. Martinez, Christopher Miles, Wangechi
Mutu, Catherine Opie, Laura Owens, Lari Pittman, John Roloff, Adam Ross,
D.K. Ruth, Rural Studios, Jim Shaw, Lorna Simpson, Kiki Smith, Diana
Thater, Jeffrey Vallance, Chen Zhen, Amos Kennedy, Michael Taussig, Gary
Hill, Bruce Ferguson, and Thomas Crow.

For information, contact:
Yumi Kinoshita
Graduate Advisor
Department of Art