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The Anti- "The Innocence of Islam" Video Petition

POSTED BY: Mark Skwarek | Sun Sep 23rd, 2012 1:13 p.m.
LOCATION: global event

The Anti- "The Innocence of Islam" Video Petition

We, the people of the world of all faiths, and in good conscience, DO NOT approve of the video "The Innocence of Islam," and those who created it. We believe all peoples have an inherent right to practice their faith in peace. We feel that "The Innocence of Islam" is the product of the divisive forces of hatred and ignorance, and does not reflect the opinion of the majority of people in the world, who practice their religious traditions in the spirit of peace, love, and mutual understanding. We apologize, as citizens of an enlightened humanity, for the offense committed by this movie, and extend our hands in peace and understanding.
Whether or not the makers apologize, we will.


A goal of the project is to create a voice for those in the global community who denounce the "Innocence of Islam" Video. The names collected will be viewed as a slow scrolling list on the project website and world-wide with augmented reality [AR]. The AR petition will not be placed near the protests. Instead they will be placed in the "safest" public locations possible. The list may also load at the viewers current location with a supported smart phone.

This project was organized by Mark Skwarek, Patrick Lichty, and Wafa Bourkhis. It is a work in progress and we would like feedback.