Call for Submissions:

The 2013 Bushwick Augmented Reality Intervention

POSTED BY: Mark Skwarek | Fri Apr 19th, 2013 6:40 a.m.
LOCATION: The Bushwick Augmented Reality Intervention 2013

This is a call to artists making art with augmented reality for a city wide art intervention across Bushwick, NY. The show will open with the Bushwick Open Studios.

"The Bushwick AR Intervention" is the 1st and longest running augmented reality art intervention in the world. Artists from around the world will overtake the city of Bushwick with augmented reality art works. The event takes place across the city of Bushwick, NY during the Bushwick Open Studios. All types of augmented reality will be considered for the show including 2d, 3d, sound, video, etc.

Submit HERE!!!

May 1st 2013 DEADLINE to commit to the show -
Late entries will be considered until May 20th but will not make the printed press.

Artists may submit artwork in 2 ways-

1. Be part of the free group mobile app with all the participating artist's work.
The group app's map will go in the BOS printed press map along with artist's credits.

You must send either a
2d image - png, jpeg

or a
.l3d model file-

info here-
start .l3d converter here-
The group app always gets the strongest reaction from the crowd.


2. Make your own stand alone augmented reality app , Layar, or experience.
You can place the work in and around Bushwick whereever you want [check the website for info].

You must send a map of where your work is located.

You must send a QR code to launch your work.
Create the QR code here -

You are responsible to make sure it works.
ie - use fixed location


Also provide a short bio and description of your work.

Send submissions and questions to the --


The Bushwick Augmented Reality Intervention 2013
between Flushing and Cooper Street
Bushwick, New York 11237
United States of America