Call for Submissions:

POSTED BY: Frans Van Lent | Sat Jul 12th, 2014 10:33 a.m.
LOCATION: 222lodge

Some time after the successful Unnoticed Art Festival we started up the preparations of a new initiative called will become a platform to present new works of contemporary live-art in an original and innovative manner.

The bank will soon be filled with concepts of many good artists; these concepts have to be written as simple manuals.
Visitors of the site will be able to choose a concept and print it to carry out the work on a time and place of their choice.
The concepts will be licensed under Creative Commons.
After performing the work, the user will be asked to send us his/her written experiences which we will then be forwarded to the artists.
For now is still in a beta-version. We are looking for good works to start up the database.

If you want to propose (a) work(s), please send it to, but don't forget we also need:
-your name,
-the name of the work and
-the year of production,
-A link to a website with professional information.

Please understand we can only select your works if this information is included!
The concept should be no longer then 150 words!
Sending us your concept means that you are the rightful owner of the concept and that you agree with the conditions. is a non-profit initiative, the use of the databank will be free for everybody.


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Dordrecht, ZH 3311KV