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Artist Recipe Project — CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

POSTED BY: artistrecipeproject | Sun Oct 25th, 2015 3:22 a.m.

There are thousands of cookbooks out on the market today and thousands of art books. We are two artists William Contino and You Qi with a passion for making art and cooking. Sometime ago we decided to create an artist book based on recipes. This was not going to be just any artist cookbook, this was going to be a recipe in the form of Visual Creation. Our concept is to gather 100 artists from all practices to come together and and create a working functioning cookbook that speaks of the individual artists ideas. We would like to bring together video artists, painters, musicians, composers, sculptors...Recipes can be anything related to the creation of delicious edible food. It can be your own invented recipe or come from an already existing recipe.

We are putting together an artist's cookbook written by artists and made by artists. Our intention is to create a book with each artist contributing a recipe in some way. Our first addition will be represented by 100 artists, each one of you will offer one recipe. This is not only a collection of recipes but it is another way to represent yourself as an artist. Ideally it can be related to the media of your work and somehow involve a recipe from your life. Our book will be printed in full color by a reputable publisher at a later date. We look forward to seeing your beautiful and delicious pages.

If you are interested in this exciting culinary adventure please email us for more information at:

Thank you in advance for your interest,

Artist Recipe Project