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POSTED BY: arrtwerk | Mon Oct 26th, 2015 6:14 a.m.
LOCATION: Sogang University / Art & Technology Dept.

current technological climates of emerging technologies as infection scenarios

The conference proposes to host a collection of talks in order to let a coherence emerge around the topic of so-called “wet media”. The term “media” referring here to the material that is used to create whether this be the Duchampian heroism of a thoughtful title or the mass screens of a times square reflecting a certain nothingness while blinding in their brightness, and the term “wet” being much less tangible and more directed at slippery issues of gender animality, artefact, and sensuality of today's bioart tech initiatives. Combined, the two terms form the substance of the conference and through this the presenters point out current technological climates of emerging technologies that may include bacteria as artistic medium, infection transmission scenarios, evolutionary and genetic processes, raw big data applications, virtual as well as scientific and historical media, and virtual reality encounters, which -like the conference- go beyond the beyond into boundless of visualisation of meaningful interaction between man, machine, and micro-organism.

Invited speakers include: Anna Dumitriu, (GBR), Boredom Research (GBR), Alex May (GBR), Wayne de Fremery (USA/KOR), Sonja Bauemel (AUT/NDL), Catherine Young (PHP), Roberta Trentin (ITL/), Pascale Barret (BEL), Wayne De Fremery (USA/KOR), Art Clay (USA/CHE)


Sogang University / Art & Technology Dept.
Xavier Building 423
Seoul, Mapo-gu 121-742
Republic of Korea