TIME! (2002)


Time! offers a hard copy fine art print of you as you appear on your sputnik-like journeys through cyberspace. M. River & T. Whid authenticate!

Full Description

You enter a what appears to be a decaying yet once opulent New York apartment circa 1930 (please mentally refer to the movies The Godfather, The Matrix, or The Hunger). The yellow, peeling wallpaper is illuminated by hundreds of white candles. The room is filled with black clad bohemian types, each of whom seems to have a drink in hand. Making your way to the center of the room, you see a large, black coffin set on top of a table. It is laid out with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Next to the table you see M. River and T. Whid wearing matching 3-piece black suits and red silk ties.

M River - (shaking your hand) Hey, Thanks for making it out tonight.

T Whid - (giving you a guy-like hug and pat on the back) Yeah thanks. Hey grab a glass of wine, we're going to get started in a moment.

M River - (raising his hand as well as his voice) HEY Everyone...Hey...Okay we're going to begin now. T. Whid and I would like to thank you all for coming out to wish the art project TIME!

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