Bindigirl (2001)

East meets West with Bindigirl. Log on, chat, peek-a-boo with this sensual queen of the web.

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"By combining new media with performance and the material arts, I intend to demonstrate and comment on the increasing hybridity of our everyday lives." -Prema Murthy

Bindigirl is a web project that questions our growing relationship with distance and tele-erotics- tourism and intimacy. It is based on what the artist calls, Bindi, her "avatar" in screenal space. Bindi is a construct of fe/male desire, creatied out of what is deemed "exotic" and "erotic". Bindigirl draws parallels between technology and religion and questions these as a means for transcendence and the creation of a utopian space.

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  • uhster | 9 years, 1 month ago
    A highly political yet smartly visually easy piece to consume. The issues of feminizing and exoticism women of color, specifically Hindu women and people are critiqued. The layout of "Bindigirl" is in the form of popular "porn culture"-like web spaces. As porn becomes more and more mainstream and naturalized in our digital society, we become blinded to the social detriments and violence these sexualized images provide us. "Bindigirl" not only questions gender and racial construction but the rising forms of hypocrisy regarding tradition and technology, exploration and exploitation.
  • Harry Burke | 8 years, 5 months ago
    it was launched in 1999, right?
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