The 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project (1994)

The Project began December 30, 1994. A `round-the-clock posting of sequenced hypermodern imagery by Brad Brace.A Classic Hypermodern Imagery... posted/mailed every 12 hours.

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Synopsis: The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project began December 30, 1994. A `round-the-clock posting of sequenced hypermodern imagery by Brad Brace. The hypermodern minimizes the familiar, the known, the recognizable; it suspends identity, relations and history.

The 12-hour ISBN JPEG Project

began December 30, 1994

Pointless Hypermodern Imagery... posted/mailed every 12 hours... a stellar, trajective alignment past the 00`s! A continuum of minimalist masks in the face of catastrophe; conjuring up transformative metaphors for the everyday... A poetic reversibility of events...

A post-rhetorical, continuous, apparently random sequence of imagery... genuine gritty, greyscale... corruptable, compact, collectable and compelling convergence. The voluptuousness of the grey imminence: the art of making the other disappear. Continual visual impact; an optical drumming, sculpted in duration, on the endless present of the Net.

An extension of the printed ISBN-Book (0-9690745) series... critically unassimilable... imagery is gradually acquired, selected and re-sequenced over time... ineluctable, vertiginous connections. The 12hr dialtone...

              [ see ]

KEYWORDS: Disconnected, disjunctive, distended, de-centered, de-composed, ambiguous, augmented, ambilavent, homogeneous, reckless... Multi-faceted, oblique, obsessive, obscure, obdurate...

Promulgated, personal, permeable, prolonged, polymorphous, provocative, poetic, plural, perverse, potent, prophetic, pathological... Evolving, eccentric, eclectic, egregious, exciting, entertaining, entropic, erotic, entrancing, enduring...

Every 12 hours, another!... view them, re-post em, saveem, trade em, printem, even publish them...

Here`s how:

~ Set www-links to - Look for the 12-hr-icon. Heavy traffic may require you to specify files more than once! Anarchie, Fetch, CuteFTP, TurboGopher...

~ Download from - Download from - Download from - Download from -

  • Remember to set tenex or binary. Get 12hr.jpeg

~ E-mail - If you only have access to email, then you can use FTPmail to do essentially the same thing. Send a message with a body of 'help' to the server address nearest you:

~ Mirror-sites requested! Archives too! The latest new jpeg will always be named, 12hr.jpeg Average size of images is only 45K. * Perl program to mirror ftp-sites/sub-directories: *

~ Postings to usenet groups: alt.12hr

    • Ask your system's news-administrator to carry these groups! (There are also usenet image browsers: TIFNY, PluckIt, Picture Agent, PictureView, Extractor97, NewsRover, Binary News Assistant, Newsfeeds)

~ This interminable, relentless sequence of imagery began in earnest on December 30, 1994. The basic structure of the project has been over twenty-four years in the making. While the specific sequence of photographs has been presently orchestrated for more than 12 years` worth of 12-hour postings, I will undoubtedly be tempted to tweak the ongoing publication with additional new interjected imagery. Each 12-hour posting is like the turning of a page; providing ample time for reflection, interruption, and assimilation.

~ The sites listed above also contain information on other transcultural projects and sources.

~ A very low-volume, moderated mailing list for announcements and occasional commentary related to this project has been established at 12hr-isbn-jpeg

-- This project has not received government art-subsidies. Some opportunities still exist for financially assisting the publication of editions of large (36x48") prints; perhaps (Iris giclees) inkjet quadtones bound as an oversize book. Other supporters receive rare copies of the first three web-offset printed ISBN-Books.


-- ISBN is International Standard Book Number. JPEG and GIF are types of image files. Get the text-file, 'pictures-faq' to learn how to view or translate these images. [ftp]

-- (c) copyleft 1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001

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