amorphoscapes I. Online Generative artworks 1997 (2001)


Interactive, generative, audio visual, digital paintings and drawings created specifically for the internet. Amorphoscapes, provide a seductive, multi-sensory non linear and interactive experience for the audience to immerse into. Now also available as touch screen based works 2003.

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The amorphoscapes series have been exhibited internationally over the last ten years. They have featured at Siggraph, won first prizes at festivals such at New Forms Canada and SeNef Korea. The online web based version have been featured on the BBC and touch screen versions have been exhibited at The Jerwoord Space, Tate Britain and Venice Bienalle. They have also been shown at many conferences and festivals around the world.

Amorphoscapes, Subvergence, Entropy II, Biocities, Inner City, Virusa, Central City (made at 800 by 600)

Biocities, Codified, Mirella, Diversity, Nanocities, Elasticity, Spider Maps are all available as software suites. (made at 1024 by 768)

Interactive, generative, audio visual, digital paintings and drawings created specifically for the internet. This is interactive art on the internet, incorporating generative sounds and coded imaging. Amorphoscapes, provide a seductive, multi-sensory non linear and interactive experience for the audience to immerse into. Now available as touch screen based works as well as a live performance event.

Ten years of Amorphoscapes. 1995 - 2005.

audio visual relationships between art and science....maybe......[download information sheet... pdf info]

Stanza is a London based British artist who specializes in net art, data sculptures, and networked space. Work has been shown at The Venice Biennale, Tate Britain, The Victoria and Albert Museum. Recipient of Nesta Dreatime Award, AHRC creative fellowship and numerous prizes. His award winning online projects have been invited for exhibition around the world. Stanza also travels extensively to exhibit and present his artworks, lecturing and giving performances of his audiovisual interactions.


Stanza touch screen interactive exhibitions have taken place at the following selected venues.

Venice Biennale 2007. 52nd international Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia

Tate Britain. (Part of Late at Tate Britain series, by Cybsersonica) 2007.

Artsway Plymouth, New Forest Pavillion. 2007

Blip Festival Brighton. 2005.

The Dana Centre London. Organised by Cybersonica. 2005

Folly Gallery Lancaster. 2005

The Watershed Media Centre. 2005

Cut and Splice at Jerwood Space, London. 2005

Arts Depot, London April 2005

Active Interiors: 10 Years of Stanza's Interactive Art E.S.P. Media Lounge, Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood USA. The first showing and sales of the touchscreen editions where supported, curated and exhibited by David Mather in 2004 in LA.

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Artist Statement

The new digital labyrinths by Stanza. Interactive audio visual digital paintings and drawings for the internet.

AMORPHOSCAPES moves away from "linear" pieces into a more non linear and interactive experience giving the audience some control over the artwork. AMORPHOSCAPES allows you to experience different artworks depending on how you choose to navigate. As well as this non linearity, some of the pieces change over time. Evolving pieces exist, that the "user" has to control of and makes them work by movement., The user also can input changes of sound and picture. This change in the relationship between the audience and the artist changes our perception of the artwork. It is this concept of the individual functioning simultaneously as 'producer and consumer' that underpins the nature of AMORPHISMS. The user can choose what they experience. Amorphoscapes are audio visual generative digital paintings. In the future to be projected, onto buildings on clothes and on cars . They incorporate user defined areas. Users can control the sounds and pictures and change their amorphoscapes when they get bored with them. Or watch them change themselves, on your plasma canvas wall.

They are audio visual paintings, and can be installed into 'real' environments, were the movement of people in the room or gallery triggers the interactivity within the work.

Journeys and experiments in audio visual sensual pleasure.

The works in the amorphoscapes series include.

  1. generator.......As reviewed on ITV in the web review. An environment with sounds that can be selected that allow images to be altered.

  2. matrixcity.........two versions. A sort of beautiful industrial drawing environment.

  3. landscapes... There are 12 pieces in the series with multiple sounds, all mouse controlled. An invisible menu appears on the left of your screen for navigation, move the mouse under this.

4.univercity...... "my universe is expanding".. with generative sound mixer built into the piece, click on the small squares to change the sounds. Just sit back and watch. The sounds evolve over time and change pitch.

5.hybrid.... digital paintings and drawings installation featured here. They move when you move. If you go left they go left. Completly immersive colour environment online. paintings and drawing installation. You can change the marks and make your own textures.

7.biomorphs.... mutating cells that self generate with generative sound control

7.soundscraper ...... series of six multi sound environments. Lots of built in sounds and layers.

Most of these works have extensive mouse control. EG. As the user moves the light and the image / lighting changes) Make sure you let each work download. Some of these pieces could have been made smaller in file size but I decided to put more sounds in at the expense of this sorry about that if your on a slow modem.

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You need shockwave installed properly to experience this work. And turn your speakers on.


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