minus esse (2000)

Documentation of a web-based performance in which the artist locked himself up in his kitchen located in Bologna, Italy during the week of October 13, 2000, in an attempt to generate new musical compositions. This is his story-- as captured in photographs, audio tracks, and journal entries.

Full Description

I was shut in my kitchen for a week. I bought all the stuff that I needed and put it in the kitchen. A person (who I trusted) shut me in the room. I also shot a video tape and photos as documentation.

I was connected to the web in perpetual forum but couldn't talk or phone anyone, except for emergencies. The whole documentation (video, sounds and polaroid photos) was exhibited in December 2000 at the Interno & Dum Dum Art Gallery, via S. Maria Maggiore 4 Bologna Italy.

The aim of my seclusion was the attempt to write one track per day. I hadn't been making music for about two years. Previous, I had relied on my passion for composition. However, I hadn't been able to keep the motivation to make music steadily. I felt a lack of inspiration. This caused an unending cirlcle of frustration. Apathy or illness? I attempted under compulsion! I bound myself to making music...

The performance ended on October 19th, 2000. The on-line forum isn't working anymore. The site now works as a complete archive of itself.

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