Murmuring Insects (2001)

"Murmuring Insects" was inspired by the events of 9/11. This piece uses Otagaki Rengetsu's poem combined with simple imagery that is starkly contrasted with the media sound bytes from the media's coverage of the September 11 attacks.

Full Description

Both inspired and saddened by the September 11th attacks, I found myself reading Otagaki Rengetsu's poem "Murmuring Insects" in a way I hadn't before. Suddenly the poem had metaphors I wouldn't have imagined before that morning. This piece uses Rengetsu's language combined with simple imagery in the spirit of her words, but is starkly contrasted with the media sound bytes the American nation would hear for days in a row.

Like the media during this time -- always going, always repeating, and always troubling-- this piece is essentially always on. The user has the option to "change channels" however, there is no real finality to the piece, it continues until the viewer is ready to move on.

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