New York City Map (2000)

A virtual and non linear map through New York City. Look listen and move on to other locations in this personal record of traveling in the city.

Full Description

This project is a sort of virtual guide to the most interesting parts of New York City (at least from my point of view). But it isn't a guide in the usual sense. While "walking" through these Web pages you can, as you choose, find yourself "standing" on a particular street, look at photographs, listen to sounds and even read something. In contrast to traditional maps, the aim of NYCMap is not to document the layout of the city or point out its most famous tourist attractions. With the NYCMap I've tried to capture the atmosphere, the energy, or that something (Something?) which I think makes New York City so curiously different from other cities with skyscrapers. At the same time, this project is my personal diary, a document of time I spent there from May to July 1999.

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