1.1 Acre Flat Screen (2005)

by eteam

1.1 Acre Flat Screen is a video about a yearlong effort to improve a lot of 1.1 Acre desert land in Utah, which we had purchased on September 4th, 2002 on ebay. The video starts with ways of finding a lot in the desert, using satellite mages, topographical maps, a compass and strings. It displays ideas and plans on how to improve the land’s value and documents our preparations to face the unforgiving desert. In August 2003 we finally went back to the lot and stayed there in order to stop one of the nearby running trains. Train stops have often been the first sign of an infrastructural improvement of an area and are also an option to make a living in the desert.

Full Description

The project consists of 5 steps.

  1. Purchase: On September 5th, 2002 we purchased 1.1 Acres of land in the desert of Utah on eBay. The seller’s description promoted a very flat and buildable area with mountain views. There were no building or zoning restrictions.

  2. Finding: Using satellite images, topographical maps, strings, and a compass, in November of 2002 we went to Utah and located the property.

  3. Temporary Use: In December 2002 we established an International Studio Program. After we had sent out a call for proposals in January 2003, a Jury of 6 (curators and artists) chose three artist collaborations, who realized their works on the lot between February and July of 2003.

  4. Improvements: Because the Union Pacific Train tracks were located about 2000 feet away from the land, our plan for the lot’s improvement was to create a train stop. This would enhance the areas infrastructure and therefore the value of the lot. To demonstrate the possible reality of this plan a train had to stop at least once in front of the land. In August, 2003 we opened TRAIN STOP INN, a bar, where we served snacks and ice cold drinks for train operators. Temperatures ranged between 90 and 120F. Freight trains, traveling between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City passed in irregular intervals - between 3-5 per day. After 10 days of waiting, a train stopped right in front of our land.

  5. Auction: After we had improved the lot, we hired a professional auctioneer, organized a public live auction and sold the land for a 10% profit in November of 2003 in New York.

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  • Ann Smith | 9 years, 7 months ago
    very intresting!! great work!
  • Steve Jones | 9 years, 7 months ago
    Absolutely fantastic - I get a mystical feel when looking at this picture. I take that the background is a shot of an Utah plain.
  • Artofmoney | 9 years, 3 months ago
    Very creative concept! Nicely done.
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