Bcc (Blank Carbon Copy) (2005)

Introspective of its platform of delivery, Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) casts its host medium as a decidedly dehumanising force in the exchanges of modern communication, and explores this with text retrieved from the multi-lingual bulletin boards, search engines and email communications of various online communities. Like many of Motomichi Nakamura's works, Bcc operates within an aesthetic that approaches propaganda-like proportion and force of imagery--though an aesthetic that oddly owes more to the tradition of the vector image than to that of polemic image making.

Full Description

Now that online technology is the fastest growing electronic communication tool. Its evolution is starting to transform the way we relate and communicate with others.

Online contacts and friendships are becoming increasingly common among Internet users while the social and psychological impact of these online "connections" on the ways we relate to others is yet to be studied and truly understood.

In BCC Motomichi explores the world of bulletin boards, online communities, search engines and e-mail communications. Taken from real searches, messages and comments written by online users, the voices of anxiety, loneliness and indifference arise from situations that at first would appear to be unrelated to the themes of online technology and interactivity.

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