15x15 (2006)

In 1968 Andy Warhol stated that;

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In 1968 Andy Warhol stated that; "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes". Using Warhol's statement as a premise, 15x15 advances the statement into the 21st century; with new media technology anyone and everyone can be world famous....for 15 seconds.

Participants can contribute to the piece using a standard mobile camera phone that can capture video, and can send video clips directly from their camera phone using MMS (Multimedia Message Service), via email or upload from your personal computer to the online database http://www.15x15.org or email me@15x15.org

The clips should be the standard video setting for a cameraphone, 176 x 144 and can be longer than 15 seconds but will be reduced to that length, participants can send as many clips as they wish. The clips can be portraits, experiential, vignettes, experimental, anything within reason, from the banal to the downright bizarre!

The viewable artwork is an interface consisting of 15 individual rectangular screens, each individual screen displays a random video clip stored within the database for a 15 second duration: 15x15.

In the 21st century art is being fundamentally realigned for anyone and everyone. 15x15 is a homage to Warhol, a realisation of the artistic utilisation of new media technology and the democratisation of art in the age of digital production.

The work will be shown at the 4th International Symposium of Interactive Media Design, Yeditepe University, Istanbul 28th - 30th April, then exhibited at other locations throughout the world and viewable on the web at anytime, any location.

Richard Vickers, Oliver Dore, Greg Brant

Hull School of Art & Design, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

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