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Dune & Devil Spatial-Synchronization-System


Dune & Devil are working on the project ��� since 2003. The� general idea explores a space- and timebased phenomenon� through communicational technoculture. The aggregation of ���� applies different structures like global positioning systems,� audiovisual media, mobile technology, telecommunication tools� and specialized software, to experience the stereotopographical� synchronization of� two individuals in different urban situations.� We are trying to translate this spacial experiment under the� condition of a unique geosocial application to translate this� individual, cultural and technological impact in our DIY-habitat.� The project produces a sociographic disposition of a mixed reality� which can be observed through the interface of�

Public space is constantly ehanced with new infrastructures of communication such as GPS, wireless internet, telecommunication protocols, location based services, mediatectures and many more. This modification of reality happens through the new possibilities of information-technologie, interface-culture and interaction. The basic goal of the communication based sychronization-system «•» is tracking digital processes in two different cultural situations (vienna & tokyo) through two different observers (Dune & Devil), and to merge this into one sensation. We are trying to translate this spatial experiment under the condition of a social application in a creative process of constructing new ways in media and art.

Technical Description

We are using two handheld computers with additionally installed open source java virtual machines (btw, thanx to mr. freebeans/japan for preparing mysaifu!) on a windows mobile operating-system. A specially, for this project, self-developed java application, is used to interconnect the two mobile computers via UMTS/GPRS for communication and navigation. The incoming GPS-data is streamed to a mysql database which collects all data produced (both outputs: Dune/Vienna and Devil/Tokyo). At last, the database provides the flash application for the visualization of the project «•» on the website.

Hardware: Handheld Computers, GPS Receiver, Database Software: Windows Mobile, Java Virtual Machine (Mysaifu), Selfmade Application, MySQL Database, Flash (Visualisation)

Dune & Devil Tina van Duyne & Grischinka Teufl office[at]

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