International Airport Montello (2007)

by eteam

The International Airport Montello is a project by the New York-based artist’s collective known as eteam, in collaboration with citizens of Montello, Nevada, that centers on a 10-acre piece of land purchased by eteam from an auction at The Wiki based website functions as one of airport's major hubs.

Full Description

International Airport Montello consists of a series of recurring events in or about an abandoned airstrip—that is approximately 6000 feet and located nearby the eteam’s land—in order to reignite its use or potential. This has included the creation of events that would generate or revitalize a culture around the airstrip, and that would consequently help revaluate its use as a vital and entertaining site that would further developments in Montello. The Wiki site is a one year documentation of the continuous development and maintenance at IAM.

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