JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project (2007)

JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project is an affiliate of JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art - www.javamuseum.org.

For JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project , Agricola de Cologne invites art professionals for an interview and answering 10 questions on Internet based art. Currently 60 interviews posted online do not only allow a deep insight into the creative structures of a new, but continously to be said dead art genre. It may serve also as a tool for finding individual definitions for terms which no binding definitions exist currently for.

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JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art - www.javamuseum.org - is a hybrid between a virtual museum, a research and curatorial project and an artwork, created and directed by Agricola de Cologne, media artist and New Media curator from Cologne/Germany. In a 1st phase (2001-2005), JavaMuseum focussed its work on Internet based art (netart) in a global context and realized 18 showcases and 3 global competitions online, resulting a most comprehensive collection of netart from the years 2000-2004. After the 1st phase was finished in 2005, JavaMuseum started in 2006 the preparation for the 2nd phase by launching JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project.

The field of technology based art creates continuously new terms which have no binding definition. A discussion is marked by a Babylonion confusion, as there is no common basis for a mutual understanding.

JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project - makes the attempt to approach such definitions by inviting experts in the field of Internet based art for an interview and answering 10 questions which spotlight the background of artistic creations in the field of technology based art and personalize information this way.

As an intermediate result, currently are 60 interviews online available for review which offer a confusing variety of aspects as a basis for reflecting and discussing an art genre (Internet based art/netart), which is continously to be said dead.

It is the goal of JIP to give all people - who would like to go down to this subject - free access without membership and passwords.

At a later stage, it is planned to publish JIP in form of a book including a selection of the interviews.

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