The Genius 2000 Network (1998)

This is the main site of the Genius 2000 Network, dating from 1999. It contains all Genius 2000 material including the new "General Archive", as well as the online book "Genius 2000: A New Network" and Genius 2000 Conferences 1999-2006.

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This is the main site of the Genius 2000 Network. All content has been created by Max Herman except where otherwise noted. This site contains all Genius 2000 Conferences through 2006, many archives and images, transcripts of the Genius 2000 Video First Edition, the online book “Genius 2000: A New Network,” and much more. The site and network’s purpose is to explore and articulate the concepts of Genius 2000 as they relate to the internet, art, art history, aesthetic evolution, and all other spheres of human life.

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