Green (2006)

Green is an electro-acoustic sound installation which isolates the elements of rhythm and spatial orientation, using many small speakers as sound sources, with only the most basic of sounds (small clicks and pulses) to create a spatially and rhythmic studies that are based on the natural soundscapes of insects and other organisms found in meadows and fields.

Full Description

Green uses home-made and custom programmed microcontrollers - single chip computers - to generate all sound that is heard. The piece is driven by algorithms coded into each board, with all sounds being produced by these algorithms. Each loudspeaker is powered by a microcontroller, and can make only simple and quiet sounds (by literally turning the speaker on and off only - so, small clicks, buzzes, etc. are all that is possible). The piece gains volume and complexity through the multiplicity of speakers (32) and through their synchronization (provided by the algorithms within the microcontrollers).

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