Collective W.S.G. (Weird Shape Generator) (2011)

The basis of this project was that a collection of people were spammed by the following message: "Help me out with my Digital Media Class! If you were to have only one of the following things what would it be? Also rate how certain you are of this on a scale of 1-5 (5 being 100% certain) -Money -Sex Appeal/Good Looks -Fame -Love/Relationships -Wisdom/Intelligence Side-note: You can message me your response if you do not wish your answer to appear publicly on Facebook..."

Full Description

This was all done with MS Paint for Windows.

Each shape in the picture corresponds to a desire (Money=Squares, Sex-appeal=Diamonds, Fame=Star, Love=Triangle, or Wisdom=Circle) and each color represents the individuals certainty of this desire(1=White, 2=Yellow, 3=Orange, 4=Red, 5=Green).

Here are some other pieces made using Microsoft Paint


!!!!UPDATE!!!!! June 5 2015 4 years and 4 days later from the creation date of June 1st 2011...

The piece has completely enveloped my facebook and soundcloud account, making it impossible to market any of my work to anybody as a New Media Strategist. I want to see more recognition but the minor insignificant strokes of like hits impede me from reflecting creatively on my observations.
I will have to re-establish my original intentions and separate myself from the hunt for likes and followers.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

This idea came from an inspiration to document people's desires with simple shapes. In society, shapes have significant meaning (eg. triangle-class system), so this was merely an artistic representation of that.


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