Desktop Views (2012)

Cruces has documented the studio environments of fifty internet artists. This library of screen-shots serves as evidence of the graphical user interface, and the artifacts of the artists who used them. The project takes as its cue, Alexei Shulgin's "Desktop Is" (1997).

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2012
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Friday Feb 3rd, 2012
  • Original Url:
  • Permalink:
  • Work Credits:
    • Adam Cruces, primary creator
    • Lenox-Lenox, contributor
    • Krist Wood, contributor
    • Artie Vierkant, contributor
    • Yannick Val Gesto, contributor
    • Brad Troemel, contributor
    • Melissa Sachs, contributor
    • Aaron Graham, contributor
    • Jaakko Pallasvuo, contributor
    • Kim Asendorf, contributor
    • Brenna Murphy, contributor
    • Jon Rafman, contributor
    • Pascual Sisto, contributor
    • Martin Murphy, contributor
    • Bea Fremderman, contributor
    • Laura Brothers, contributor
    • Micah Schippa, contributor
    • Michael Ray-Von, contributor
    • Kate Steciw, contributor
    • Yannic Joray, contributor
    • Hanna Terese Nilsson, contributor
    • Billy Rennekamp, contributor
    • Marisa Olson, contributor
    • Chris Coy, contributor
    • Travess Smalley, contributor
    • Ida Lehtonen, contributor
    • Eilis McDonald, contributor
    • Aude Pariset, contributor
    • Juliette Bonneviot, contributor
    • Aleksandra Domanović, contributor
    • Lorenzo Bernet, contributor
    • Daniel Keller, contributor
    • Damon Zucconi, contributor
    • Guthrie Lonergan, contributor
    • Rafaël Rozendaal, contributor
    • Brian Khek, contributor
    • Christian Oldham, contributor
    • Sara Ludy, contributor
    • Paul Pfeiffer, contributor
    • Katja Novitskova, contributor
    • Kate Malykh, contributor
    • Timur Si-Qin, contributor
    • Kari Altmann, contributor
    • Constant Dullaart, contributor
    • Anne de Vries, contributor
    • Duncan Malashock, contributor
    • Niko Princen, contributor
    • Martin Kohout, contributor
    • Tara Downs, contributor
    • Mitch Trale, contributor
    • Parker Ito, contributor
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