NY Times (2010)

Microsoft Paint composition crudely representing a future newspaper headline lamenting the failure of the show it was featured at due to the absence of work by the artist.

Full Description

A work originally composed on Microsoft Paint and posted to www.dump.fm, a website for image-based chat and collaboration that served as the catalyst for the Dump IRL show at 319 Scholes. The work portrays a crudely and inaccurately rendered version of a future New York Times front page, unrealistically featuring a lead article about the show and its exclusion of the artist. The article laments a noticeable failure of the show brought on by the artist's absence.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

Shortly after turning fourteen, I created this after the lineup of artists to be featured at Dump IRL at 319 Scholes had already been announced alongside details of the show. Being an active member of Dump.fm shortly after its inception (and a notable one for my age), I felt shut out by the formal structure of the art show, something quite unfamiliar to me at the time. I made it as a humor piece, expressing confusion with the infrastructure of a gallery show and my own exclusion from this retrospective of the work that had been created on Dump.fm from its beginning in 2008. It became something else entirely and an important step for me as an artist when it was turned into a print and displayed at the very show it had preemptively claimed to be excluded from.

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