IRLALIENS TOUR aka THE WETWARE TOUR aka TOUR.ZIP:Decompressed aka “Party Rats: Perfect For Night Blogging:” The Tour/The Experience aka AWAY FROM KEYBOARD: tHE TOUR, Not the Hacker Movie, tHE LIFESTYLE, aka “COMPUTER DREAMS NATION by COPYRIGHT YOUTH”, aka Don’t Forget to Download All Your Tweets From the Cloud before the Cloud Falls on You: The Tour (2013)

Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman (Extreme Animals) curated, produced, and participated in a 4 day tour through the United States in October 2013, with five other artists. The artists for the tour were Molly Soda, Ben Aqua, Aaron Kolfage from Top8Friends, and Labanna Babalon. The tour was documented by Angelina Dreem and DJ George Costanza created this #official mix:

Full Description

The idea behind the tour stemmed from our interest in extremely active internet identities--people who harness the power of The Net to create a powerful personal self-image. We did not invite people who use the Web just to promote their other activities (art, music, bands, or fashion) but instead we invited people who use the Web synonymously with their daily life/artistic practice in interesting ways.

We were interested in creating a physical-world performance space that is closer to the experience of Tumblr than to the experience of the Club, that embraces rather than erases all of the awkwardness, banality, and domesticity of the Tumblr or web 2.0 cam-performance. No stages, no hyper-loud sound systems, no fancy light rigs. Instead these shows were intimate and raw. We performed at 2 DIY venues, 1 house party, and 1 suburban basement (with both parents in attendance).

In Baltimore Ben Aqua wore a black shroud and led an internet healing session with the words “NEVER LOG OFF” projected behind him. In the college town of Blacksburg, Virginia, Aaron Kolfage sat in the living room and showed and talked about a video of a man licking his entire Anime figurine collection and then DJ’ed to Molly and the crew as they played spin the bottle. In a suburban house in Havertown, Pennsylvania, Labanna did an exorcism dance and then tried to teach a young woman how to twerk while her Dad watched. Also every night Molly showed her new Tween Dreams video and introduced the world to her rats. Extreme Animals performed each night, alternating between their "loud/party" video and audio set to their "quiet/sit-down" video and audio set, based on context.

The tour was documented by Angelina Dreem and DJ George Costanza created this #official mix:

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  • Year Created: 2013
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Wednesday Jan 29th, 2014
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  • Work Credits:
    • Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman, primary creator
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