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Formalism & Glitch
This collection presents a wide range of works from the ArtBase that fall within the broad spectrum of artistic practices that exploit the aesthetics and formal paradigms inherent both in ubiquitous commercial software and home-brew computing. Two particular creative modes are presented: A) works that embrace and highlight the aesthetics, formal elements, and graphical user interfaces inherent in vernacular software, and B) works that seek to subvert these paradigms. Works that fall within the first category explore the value and joy of the pixel, user interface elements, handcrafted HTML, and ASCII. Alexei Shulgin’s “Form Art”, or Maciej Wisniewski’s “Scroll Bar” take a distinctly pop / ready-made approach, appropriating and building with mundane elements of user interface. As complement and counterpoint
On this website, viewers are invited to explore a labyrinth of recourses composed by the artist, each pathway accessed through forms and hyperlinks. Forms lead to other larger combinations of forms, some coalescing into text while others compose abstract designs. The work's appearance relies largely on whichever operating system the viewer is using to access it, resulting in a morphing aesthetic that updates itself over time.
Wisniewski designed an applet that transforms a series of scroll bars into a unified generative / interactive visual instrument. Note: this work will appear quite different depending on the viewer's operating system.
%20wrong (1998)
This page was produced in as one of the first Rhizome "splash pages" – a series of commissioned pages that ran from 1998-2002, during which the user would be directed to a page such as this upon navigating to Rhizome. JODI's splash page of course appears as an error, devoid of any attribution to the artist, creating the illusion that Rhizome has been hacked.
Nice Page draws a parrallel between net.art and neo-plasticism. By layering and meandering of pages from Alta Vista's "bitch search" with 313,375 pages found through Barbie's world, to Ljudmila and the Guggenheim Museum, the artist takes a hermeneutic approach to unraveling the hidden-yet-to-be-discovered world of net.art or net plasticism.
untitled[scrollbars] is a formal study of framsets and autonomous scrollbars.
Netquake- we might experience it one day; a quake spreading over the worldwide network, millions of simultaneous deformed connections, unexplainable clutter and vibrations on screens.
From an existing and arbitrarily chosen system H, two different registration systems RG1 and RG2 are established. The first one is the product of the analysis of the electric flows underlying in system H, as much in power supply terms as in information transfer terms. The second one is a video-recording of some elements that belong to system H or that could be recorded from this one. When verifying the ...
Sodeoka converted a collection of classic rock videos by Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, ZZ Top, The Who, etc, to display in terminal style moving ASCII art, accompanied by MIDI renditions of the original songs.
505.VIRI (2005)
in 505.viri jonCates remixes the rarely screened film The Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord ++ the online video Video : War : Leverage (virus.mov) by john polizzi. both sources use appropriated or found footage as the basis of cultural critique ++ in this third mind re[mix/mapping] jonCates uses both sources to comment on 01 another as well as the accessibility of such viral new media memes as these.
This piece comes from Murata's body of work that pioneered the highly influential practice known as "data moshing". Murata edits and strategically removes certain data from from .AVI digital video files, creating undulating and living fields of video, here the source being the 1982 Sylvester Stallone film Rambo: First Blood.
An interactive, hypertext ASCII journey through a labyrinth of mixed religious iconography and taboo fetishism.
In "The Collapse of PAL" (Eulogy, Obsequies and Requiem for the planes of blue phosphor), the Angel of History (as described by Walter Benjamin) reflects on the PAL signal and its termination. This death sentence, although executed in silence, was a brutally violent act that left PAL disregarded and obsolete. While it might be argued that the PAL signal is dead, it still exists as a trace left upon the ...
Chill Space was Leyva's contribution to JstChillin.org's Serial Chillers series. You are presented with an expansive field composed of HTML form elements. Complete the form with your name and personal URL, manipulate a few form elements, and submit to receive your own custom created animated gif Chill Space.
flo\/\/ (2011)
by v5mt
This video by Małgosia Woźnica aka v5mt presents a galcieal style of glitch. Rich in colorful flowing video distortions, the visuals unfold slowly in a vertically scanning stream of eerie helenistic imagrey, pop culture, and cryptographic typography, complimented by a subtle soundtrack of droning oscilations.
This work presents a series of images that resulted from the artist's collaboration with Photoshop, with the goal of highlighting the software's color dithering algorithm.