Rhizome Member Exhibitions
Presenting new media in innovative and challenging ways is a key part of Rhizome's mission. Throughout our history, Rhizome has organized exhibitions online and also in the galleries of partner spaces, including our affiliate the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Rhizome also invites our community to organize online exhibitions from our online archive, the ArtBase.
Recent member exhibitions


Digital media and Mental Struggle

Curated by amclucas

Mental struggle is incredibly prevalent, ranging anywhere from a disorder to momentary sadness. Artistic expression of emotion has been made possible digitally through the World Wide Web. Within this encompassing term, however, there are an infinite number of ways that ...

Music to Behold.

Curated by jtmcgove

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And in the same fashion, so is music. Everyone who has ever heard a melody or played a note has their own unique perception of music. These pieces have been ...

Beyond the Modern Social and Political Norm

Curated by Angeles

The artworks set up in this exhibition reflect the political and social aspects of every day life, that people all hope to see as untrue. Under this modern society, the "normal citizen" of the United States grows up accepting a ...