There Are No Strangers Here, Only Friends We Have Not Met; Bodies Interacting With Digital Art (2009)

Curated by kessler33
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The human race has created a life of solitude and imprisonment due to routines. There are no conversations between strangers, no communication between the unknown. People have become afraid of what is not the norm. We are scared as a race to try something new, to let ourselves ban together with others as a central unit. A small amount of exploration or trying the unknown can open up another world of new ideas. The artists in this exhibition are creating environments where the art can become a part of each person who encounters it. The art is meant to touch you, to let you become a part of what is happening. The viewer is the central subject and is able to make the choice to join this new experience or not. Each artist is creating an environment where strangers are involved and work together collectively as a group. Each person becomes a part of the project and can enjoy and live in the moment of the digital experience. Everyone will come together as a community of strangers.

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