Reaction (2010)

Curated by Jessica Na
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Social Networks are important in our society because we learn to communicate, acknowledge peoples’ expression, no privacy, and build our experience using digital technology as a mediums form of art. Chatroulette is an artistic expression that gets people interested to watch other peoples' reaction. In addition, is more than a reaction, is about experiencing the art of technology being creative in your own space. For example, Google and Second Life provide a medium of art expressing no privacy for the viewers being on the webspace. This digital media art capture the moment of a dead person. Therefore, there are many responses from viewers all over the world that are looking through Chatroulette web space. Chatroulette has no privacy because the person is communicating within the world through the used of motion picture technology. The reason why I picked this art piece because it reflects how we enjoy communicating through technology and motion pictures are timeless. McCloud states," timeless motion pictures lapse overtime of period." This makes Social Networks and motion pictures are popular in our society due to advance technology (Lev Manovich). “Silence is Golden” artwork reflects the social networks how a person likes to update their friends, family, and fans what they are doing. Basically, this goes back to no privacy on the web space. Jon Rafman talks about no privacy in public space such as using Google's nine eyes. The nine eyes takes pictures of people on the street. Silence is Golden convey the users that if you don’t post anything on your twitter status then no one can interrogate your privacy. Tvision is a significant social network because it interacts with the user who is controlling the mouse. This is a creative art space that allows the user to express themselves through the used of HTML web space, JavaScript, animation, and narrative. It is important for the user to understand the depth of technology behind the social network and motion pictures. Animation use motion pictures to guide the users understanding the narrative. The Window Real is a realistic and motion pictures that express the user controlling the computer. It also tells a narrative and story of what has happen in the database system. Window Real presents structure of collection of data, which Lev Manovich talks about non-linear formats. On Marisa’s American Idol Audition Training Blog. This art piece intertwines with narrative, stories, motion pictures, and social networks. It provides the user to browse, share, and understand the person’s story. The Garden of Forking path by Jorge Borges talks about narrative and stories. Lev Manovich talks about the new media of film revolution history, which this art piece reflect that. We are getting use to blogging and using new technology such as high tech camcorder.

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