Self Reflection in New Media (2010)

Curated by llindaue
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In a world where every single person with internet access has the opportunity to be part of “networked publics” as described by Danah Boyd, how are our identities reflected in the media we partake in? How can technology encourage or disrupt our ability to see how we are represented in the spaces we share, and what is left of our online existence once we physically not longer exist? This exhibition dives into the world of consumption as a people, of media and public spaces, and in turn, how the invisible audience through means of persistence, searchability, and replicability views one’s performance identity. Beginning with Aaron Koblin’s piece “Memercy” and ending with Roch Forowicz’s “Panopticon”, a visitor to “Self Reflection in New Media” will spend time exploring their relationships with consumption, communication, networked publics and public space through literal and metaphorical means of self-reflection.

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