Personal Representation (2010)

Curated by lfrancis
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“Personal representation and discovery though the internet” I began browsing the art base on rhizome by looking at random pieces of art and familiarizing myself with the type of art presented by this site. I began building my exhibit by choosing pieces of art the touched me personally, I then decided to go back though to discover the personal theme I had created and then was able to relate it back to the readings for class. I am a very logical thinking person and from the start of the class there has been a battle in my mine between linear and non-linear things. I prefer things that make sense to me and follow a direct path. When I found myself upon a piece of art with non-linear qualities I found that that artwork gave of a sense of fear or anxiousness. While these pieces of online art helped me to see a little into myself, I was also able to see a little into the artist’s persona through their representation of space and events. My exhibition focuses on linearity vs. non-linearity and the representation of data space.

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